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We all are aware of subscriptions payments. Various services companies: telecommunications, media, insurance, websites hosting etc. make some of us pay monthly or yearly subscriptions to them. Some of the services we pay for could have been free as some NGOs services, but the services providers collect money from us anyway. We pay for almost every services we get - but nobody is paying some of us. What if we tell you that a group of people could be paying you subscriptions. Not because you are providing any service, but because it is possible and you deserve it. Join now to be receiving subscriptions payments. Register for free and start participating without paying money to anybody.

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Some companies are always in a hurry to launch new products or services. They also do not even want to wait a while before updating or introducing a newer versions of their existing products or services. These companies are always in competition on how they could make us spend our hard earned money for their products or services. Some of the products and services we pay for do not really add values to our lives. We pay for them because the media want us to and we want the satisfaction of paying for the product or service because we want to belong. There are too many products and services begging for our patronage. We need more money now than any other era of humans' existence. Therefore, Mynetcontact is asking one question - how do we put more money in your bank account. There is no greater satisfaction than always having extra money in your wallet. While other companies think night and day on how to make you spend your money - Mynetcontact come up with ways on how you could make money.

As machines are taking over jobs

Re-defining the conventional concept of how to earn money, as machines and computers are continuously being used to replace humans in the the labor market. It is predicted that within 15 years - 35% of United States jobs will be taken over by machines. Manufacturing industries employ the highest number of work force population across the world. And we constantly hear news of retrenchment in these industries, because they now automate their manufacturing processes. Some companies owners have become super rich overnight by reducing human salaries overhead cost. Lets' re-think ways of earning money fast before most jobs go down to machines. When computers and machines are used because they are cost effective, efficient and more accurate - what would the humans be doing? We pay ourselves. The era of your paying only other people is over. This platform is developed to enable you be the one to be receiving payments.

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There are two sides in humans attempt to advance the world. Either you belong to side of people who are not happy that machines are competing for their jobs or you belong among people are making more money leveraging on the opportunities humans innovations presents. More and more people are becoming millionaires every day. It is much more easier to make quick legitimate money now than centuries past. With internet and mobile phones, the network of people in our various lives have expanded tremendously. We can amazingly reach a wider range of people across the world every day. Why don't you convert these contacts to money? Invite or introduce people across the world to be paying you subscriptions. While you free your time to travel the world for holidays or have more time for fun and your family, instead of being tie down every week in your country by a job.

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